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How to remove Windows.Old folder after upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8

Windows 8 has been released for 8 months and good reviews has been reported by many users. These reviews had persuade me to upgrade my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 8. And I did it last weekend. I bought a copy of Windows 8 Pro – Upgrade Version from Low Yat Plaza for about RM85 which much cheaper compare to RM400++ Windows 8 Pro OEM Version. And I am eligible for that price because I already have a Windows 7 before on my laptop. I performed upgrade process and got my laptop run smoothly using Windows 8 Pro.


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Reset SMC to Re-Pair Magic Mouse and Our Mac

I am on my way to enjoy season 5th of Pysch Series and do some coding for my work. I turn on my MBP and realise that my Magic Mouse is somehow does not pair properly with MBP BlueTooth. I have try many ways to resolve this issue but always end up with no luck. Then suddenly I get an idea to reset BIOS … ups … there is no BIOS alike UI on MacBookPro, how do I reset ? remove battery also seems to much effort.

Apple Forum Website give me some clue as below

WP 20130513 001


Need to check first:

1. Make sure all drivers has been updated, run Apple Software Update to get latest update

2. Make sure power is connected

Step to troubleshoot:

1. Shut down our Mac

2. Wait for about 10 second

3. Press Shift + Ctrl + Alt (Left Side) + Power at same time, hold for about 5 second, and release all button at same time

4. Boot up

5. Turn on BlueTooth and try to re-pair with our Magic Mouse Bluetooth

Ups … I forget to write down step 0 ….

0. Pray …

Good Luck