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Stock Pick 6 August 2012: Alam Sutra

After last week rally, market was again sink because of disappointment of Draghi’ action over Europe crisis. “On Sale” sign again is placed on stocks and waiting for analysis to be found.

ASRI, limited rebound

2012Aug-Alam Sutera Realty Tbk.-800x600

As we see on above chart, ASRI has been on Bearish mode since April 2012, but it is manage to go up and down within maroon channel. Currently ASRI is on bottom of channel and tends to have limited rebound. Gold cross on MACD and Stoch also inform the same. Buy on 450 – 460, profit taking on 480 – 500 and stop loss on 440.

Stock Pick 25 July 2012: SMCB & KAEF

Wow, I have just realize, quite a while for me blogging about stock pick and think today would be good time to do it again. Because world market has been in bearish, mean to say it “ON SALE” time for us to hunt for good stock. My foresee for now are SMCB (Holcim Indonesia) and KAEF (Kimia Farma)

Do it with your own risk !!!!

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Stock Pick 4 March 2012–META, KAEF

February has gone, March is started. Beginning of this month I would like to recommend 2 stock codes hopefully could increase our bank balance.

Nusantara Infrastructure (META)


2012Mar-Nusantara Infrastructure Tbk.-800x600

With main business is to operate one of most peak Jakarta’s toll road, META for March shows sign to pullback and continue its uptrend. With support on 235, potential upside for META is 15% at 300.

Kimia Farma (KAEF)


2012Mar-Kimia Farma Tbk-800x600

Kimia Farma never fails me, hopefully this March also wouldn’t. Hold by strong support KAEF may pullback within next few day and continue its uptrend. What we need to do now is just look closely on KAEF movement until MACD build a golden cross pattern.

Support on 400, KAEF could give us 12% upside to 475.

Stock Pick IHSG 20-Feb-2012: MAPI will test all time high

2012Feb-Mitra Adiperkasa Tbk.-480x235

It has been a while since my last post about stock pick. This week I will put my money on Mitra Adi Perkasa (MAPI). The company who operates most of Indonesia department stores and specialty retaile.r bounce up from its strong support with significant amount of volume on last Friday trading and it was closed up 6.7%.

Position of Oscillator had leaving oversold territory, indicate a bullish signal may begin. Unfortunately MACD not yet show a golden cross, but I believe it would within this week.

Recommended support is 5200 and take profit on 5900, 6150 and the sky *LoL*

Do it with your own risk.

Stock Pick: BMTR

Global Mediacom or BMTR is one of triple stock belong to the clan of Tanoewidjaya, player of biggest media in Indonesia. It has been in bullish pattern after breakout their sideways on early November 2011. Early 2012, apparently BMTR wants to give happy news to its shareholder by bounce up from its strong resistance to continue its bullish.

Confirmation also given by both Oscillator’s and MACD’s golden cross.

BoW 1020 – 1030, SL: 1000, TP1: 1070 TP2: 1140 … DWYOR

2012Jan-Global Mediacom Tbk.-800x600

IHSG 5 December 2011


On my previous post I said about IHSG that will rebound up on 3575, well seems I missed the support line, but indeed it rebound Smile Going forward, I believe IHSG still in bullish mode, due to optimism on window dressing and excitement of US retail that should be increase due to thanksgiving, x-mas and new year.

First resistance will be tested by IHSG is 3850 and second is 4000, with strong support still on 3600. However, I am quote optimist IHSG will reach 4000 b/f year end 2011.

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