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It is always about passion and patient

DSC00374I try to recall my post on this website early Mar 2012 with title Stock Pick 4 Mar 2012, the post was taken after I took about 2 hours analysis of IHSG price movement, final result was to recommend my reader to buy META and KAEF and hold it for sometime to gain about 15% profit. What happen on next few days after I posted the article was price moved down rather than went up, though it was not reach support point I mentioned on the post. However, still this price decline worried some reader who take my recommendation. They then buzzed me for wrongly recommend them and some of them said they were  disappoint with my recommendation and took cut loss already. What could I say ? I just say sorry, though I believe I did need to do so.

Not so long after, end of Mar 2012, price bounced and extremely jumped higher than my forecast, again I received some emails on my inbox, but these one was different  than previous story, these emails were sent by some of my reader who took the recommendation and be patient enough to wait until either price down to support point or estimated profit would be hiked.

So, what is the catch?

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Stock Pick: BMTR

Global Mediacom or BMTR is one of triple stock belong to the clan of Tanoewidjaya, player of biggest media in Indonesia. It has been in bullish pattern after breakout their sideways on early November 2011. Early 2012, apparently BMTR wants to give happy news to its shareholder by bounce up from its strong resistance to continue its bullish.

Confirmation also given by both Oscillator’s and MACD’s golden cross.

BoW 1020 – 1030, SL: 1000, TP1: 1070 TP2: 1140 … DWYOR

2012Jan-Global Mediacom Tbk.-800x600

IHSG 5 December 2011


On my previous post I said about IHSG that will rebound up on 3575, well seems I missed the support line, but indeed it rebound Smile Going forward, I believe IHSG still in bullish mode, due to optimism on window dressing and excitement of US retail that should be increase due to thanksgiving, x-mas and new year.

First resistance will be tested by IHSG is 3850 and second is 4000, with strong support still on 3600. However, I am quote optimist IHSG will reach 4000 b/f year end 2011.

#disclaimer ON

IHSG 28 November 2011


Monday morning, regional Asia open with green indicator amid speculation European policy makers are talking step to stem the debt crisis and US retail report on last Friday jump quite high. Dow Jones future, Euro and Yen are all strengthen, lead most of Asia market open with green signal on their chart. However, movement seems will be different for IHSG.

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Understanding right issue in stock trading

I was enjoying my coffee and browsing for news about my stock portfolio this morning, and find one of it will do right issue. This “right issue” word is often heard on stock trading world, but for newbie like me, sometime we don’t even understand what is its definition and how it would impact on our portfolio performance. So I googling and found a very good note about right issue.

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