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Jangan lakukan hal sepele ini di Singapura

Sebelum blog saya jadi jamuran, ada baiknya saya update dulu. Kali ini, saya ingin menulis tentang Singapore. Negara kecil tapi kaya yang terletak hanya satu lompatan salto dari pulau Batam ini sering menjadi tujuan wisata warga Indonesia, terlebih dengan bermunculannya aneka airline yang menawarkan penerbangan murah. Beberapa daya tarik yang dimiliki Singapore adalah Infra struktur yang modern, taman hiburan yang beraneka ragam dan tentunya surga belanja. Tapi hati-hati lho, Singapore juga dikenal dengan “Kota Denda” atau “Fine City” dimana banyak sekali peraturan-peraturan disana berakibat dengan denda yang terbilang besar bagi pelanggarnya, termasuk tamu asing yang berkunjungan ke Singapore. Bahkan untuk hal-hal yang mungkin terkesan sepele bagi kita, warga Indonesia.

Screen Shot 2014 05 04 at 6 12 44 pm

(Sumber: airsuam50.blogspot.sg)

Oke, sebelum bahas lebih jauh. Pertama harus kita pahami, penegakan hukum di negara ini sangat ketat. Tidak ada diskriminasi apakah kita warga asing atau Singaporean, semuanya harus mematuhi peraturan yang berlaku di negara ini. Yang kedua, petugas di Singapore, khususnya untuk Civil Law seringkali tidak berseragam, mereka hanya dibekali badge khusus dan diberikan kuasa untuk memberikan denda kepada warga yang melanggar. Jadi jangan sekali2 berfikir “ah … ndak ada polisi ini” … karena bisa jadi, orang yang ndak jauh dari kita ternyata adalah polisi yang sedang “nyamar”.  Continue reading Jangan lakukan hal sepele ini di Singapura

Crossing Border–Drive from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore


This Saturday, I need to go to Singapore for a meeting. Coincidentally, my sister in law has also been in Kuala Lumpur since Thursday, she is in vacation. Thus, I decided to bring all family + my sister in law to visit Singapore. And for this occasion we would try to drive from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore.

I had drive from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore before, but that time I used my friend’s car which is Singaporean and during immigration check he was the driver, hence no issue at all. But what would happen last Saturday was a full family of Indonesians drove Malaysian register car tried to cross the border of Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and vice versa.

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Hunt for The Merlion – Part 4, The Art of The Brick

Art of The Brick

During our visit to Singapore last weekend, we went to Marina Bay Sands and it was coincide with The Art of The Brick event which held on MBS ArtScience museum. I know this Art exhibit will be good experience for Arda and Asty, I decided to enter the exhibit and totally awed with what I saw.

The Art of The Brick is a exhibition of Nathan Sawaya’s work. A New York based artist who devoted his life on creating awe-inspiring LEGO’s sculpture. This event is scheduled to be held at MBS ArtScience Museum until 26 May 2013 with price of SGD15 for adult and SGD9 for children. If you looking for inspiring and unique art and have a chance visit Singapore before May 26, I advise you to stop by at ArScience Museum. 

Below are some photos I took from the event, so you can also enjoy The Art of The Brick


a swimming lego 






a healthy lego


Hey Lego, don’t think too much !


Rome is not built in 1 day, especially when it was Lego


World of Lego


on of my favourite Lego’s art


Lego in love


Life has been so tough for me !!! Say this Lego


Spirit of Music


Write your idea everywhere


a truly LEGO masterpiece


note from Nathan for his Dinosaur

Hunt for The Merlion – Part 3, Merlion

Merlion Park

Merlion Park (foto: personal)

My family have been to Singapore for many times, but none of them we went to Merlion. Once, we got chance to take photo at Sentosa’s Merlion, but this Merlion is not famous compare to Merlion statue at Merlion Park. Therefore, my wife said “on this occasion we should be able to find Merlion Park”.

Hunt for Merlion

Despite well known as Singapore’s first checklist of tourist object. Merlion Park is difficult to find. I search on internet and get no clue at all on how to get there. We know it is across Marina Bay Sands, but how to get there ? Taxi is always be there for final option though, but it won’t give us nuance of travel while exploring Singapore. Fortunately, I have Iwan Nugroho as my friend. Iwan has been staying at Singapore more than 1 year, and he is really best guide to explore Singapore.

To go Merlion, easiest way is by MRT, we need to take NS Monorail (red colour route) to Marina Bay Sands. We should stop at Rafless Place and from there walk to Merlion Park. The route from Raflless Place MRT Station to Merlion is tricky. Exit from Raffless Place we will opt with many exit routes. Best route according to Iwan is to take Battery Rd exit and walk to Standard Chartered or Bank of China Bulding, there we walk along the river which shows beautiful landscape and could be good spot to take some photos. At end of river we will reach Fullerton Hotel, and Merlion Park is exactly across Fullerton Hotel.

NS Route to Marina Bay Sands

MRT route to Raffles Place  (foto: personal)

Singapore River

View along Singapore river on the way hunting for Merlion Park (foto: personal)

Merlion Park is actually is an artificial dock on a bay, it has two merlion statues. One is small and other is quite big. Big one will spout water from its mouth, and this Merlion is the famous Merlion among others on Singapore. Bounded by the sea, not so far, we can easily see other side of the coast where Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Singapore Flyer is located. We can also ride cruise to bring us see Singapore cost from the sea.

When me and family reached Merlion Park, it was crowded by tourist, all of them were on same activities: make a pose and take a photo hehehehe.

Below are some photos I took at Merlion Park


MBS and Singapore Flyer

Boat at Singapore Coast

Arab Streets

Masjid Sultan & Arab Street

After satisfied with Merlion, me and family decided to go for lunch and pray. Since we had no idea where is closest mosque, Iwan advised us to go to Arab Streets where Masjid Sultan is situated. We went to nearest bus station and ride Bus 100 and stop somewhere on Victoria Street.

Arab streets is very artistic. There, we will find a lot stores for antiques and handicraft with affordable price, it is really nice place to find gift from Singapore.

Masjid Sultan is simple but looks nice from outside. It is called as Masjid Sultan, because it was built as a gift from Sultan Brunei to Singaporean Muslim, Hassanal Bolkiah.

After finish our pray, we go to a Singaporean who is descendant of Indonesian, Hajah Maimunah. She open a mix of Padang and Javanese restaurant. The taste is good and price is friendly base on Singaporean rate.

Hj Maimunah Resto



Finish with the food, we back to hotel and rest to gather some energy for next experience.

Next post, I will write about our experience at Marina Bay Sands and attending an amazing art exhibition.

Hunt for The Merlion – Part 2, From Woodlands to KL Sentral

This is second serie of my post about hunting The Merlion. On first post I write about my intention to ride train from KL to Singapore but it turned out I have to accompany my friend to drive, hence no train experience. Thus, on this post I will jump to last episode of our journey, the train experience.

Before 2011, Singapore’s intercity train would be started from Tanjung Pagar Railway Station to Woodlands Train Checkpoint, passenger need to disembark and perform immigration check at both SG and Malaysia Authority whereas hosted at Woodlands Train Checkpoint. Currently, Tanjung Pagar has been closed. Therefore, all passenger can directly go to Woodlands Train Checkpoint. At Woodland, KTMB setup a customer and ticketing office where we can buy or change date and time of our ticket.

Okay, for you who plan to go by train like me and it would be first time experience, please be noted to stop at Woodlands Train Station and not Woodlands Checkpoint. Because these two points, though they are housed on same checkpoint but have different purpose, Woodlands checkpoint is for non-train transportation (car, bus, motor, etc) and Woodlands Train Checkpoint is for train (so obvious from the name isn’t ?). And if we stopped at Woodlands Checkpoint, there is no way to turn back, except we have to talk to the officer and explain the circumstance to him/her and they will escort us along the immigration routine to other side where Woodlands Train Checkpoint located. I know this, because I stopped at wrong side of checkpoint hehehehe.

Woodlands checkpoint

Woodlands Checkpoint (foto: blogster.com)

M07 1

Woodlands Train Checkpoint (foto: arukikata.sg)

Unfortunately, Woodlands Train Checkpoint can’t really compare with KL Sentral or Jakarta’s Gambir. Their waiting room is really simple and not convenience in my opinion. No convenient store selling food and other amenities. My train was scheduled to be departed on 23.30 and gate would be opened on 23.00, I made mistake by went early at 22.00, hence need to wait for about 1 hour. This is second notes you need to memorise, no need to rush, just make sure you reach train checkpoint before gate open. The less time you will spend on waiting gate open is better :)

Exactly at 11pm, they will open the gate (Singaporean is really efficient) and they will ask all passenger to form 2 line of queues and enter the gate for ticket checking. After done with ticket checking, we will need to walk to Singapore Immigration Checkpoint where they will check out passport and immigration form (if not Singaporean). Finish with Singapore’s checkpoint we walk again to Malaysia’s Immigration where again they will check our passport and scan our luggage. If everything okay, we are allowed to enter another waiting from and here is the place where we can eventually see train rail and the train itself.

I was not really sure if it was not my lucky day, but when we depart from Singapore at 11.30pm, we did not use the train that we should ride on. KTMB gave us temporary train with lower quality. The Train headed to Johor Baru Checkpoint where our “real” train waiting. We stepped down from temporary train and transferred to “real” train. I asked another passenger, and he said it was not what should be, normally the “real” train should already waiting for us at Woodlands.

The train is quite convenience, though some of its seats have broken spare part. Bunda’s seat food holder not working properly and mine had same issue as well. But saw Arda and Asty quite excited with their new train experience was more than enough for me. And they sleep well also on that train. Scheduled to reach Kuala Lumpur at 6.30am in the morning, it was delayed until few hours.

From this experience, I conclude train is okay but for next journey I prefer either drive, by flight or bus coach.

Hunt for The Merlion, Singapore – Part 1, Train KL – Singapore

This weekend (5 – 7 Mar) me and family accidentally travel to Singapore, why I call it accidentally. Because I suppose to go there to meet someone alone and already prepare everything for 3 days journey. But, suddenly last week SIKL sent message to all parents that upcoming week (8 – 12 Mar) all students on grade 1 – 5 will be on holiday. Due to fact, it has been like few months we as family had none out-of-malaysia trip, I decide to bring my family along. But we choose to go there with different experience, by train.

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