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Rename file or folder on Mac OS X

Rename file or folder on Mac OS X

I am consider as a user who rarely change file name from file system. Once it is downloaded or saved, its name will remain same. Mostly I will use “Save As” function on respective software related with the file, say like Word for document, Excel for spreadsheet or else. But sometime, there is a chance where we have mood to tidy up how our file and folder are stored on our computer, hence opening file one by one and save as different file name will not be an efficient way to do. Luxury of press “F2” button that we have on Windows to activate “rename” mode of file seems doesn’t work either on Mac OS. Well what to do?

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Open .7z file on Mac OS X

7z is probably one of best compres format, unfortunately stocked archive application on Mac OS X is not comply with this file. For those who have this file and have issue to extract it on your Mac, simple application “The Unarchiver” will solve the problem.

Download “The Unarchiver” from this link http://unarchiver.c3.cx or we can donwload the same from Mac App Store, install it on our Mac and we are ready to read any .7z file.

Since the application is free and will always remain free (thanks to Unarchiver developer), and if feels get enough benefit from this application, I think it would be wise if we donate to developer through Paypal. Link for can be found on download section on Unarchiver link written above.