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Stock Pick 25 July 2012: SMCB & KAEF

Wow, I have just realize, quite a while for me blogging about stock pick and think today would be good time to do it again. Because world market has been in bearish, mean to say it “ON SALE” time for us to hunt for good stock. My foresee for now are SMCB (Holcim Indonesia) and KAEF (Kimia Farma)

Do it with your own risk !!!!

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Stock Pick 4 March 2012–META, KAEF

February has gone, March is started. Beginning of this month I would like to recommend 2 stock codes hopefully could increase our bank balance.

Nusantara Infrastructure (META)


2012Mar-Nusantara Infrastructure Tbk.-800x600

With main business is to operate one of most peak Jakarta’s toll road, META for March shows sign to pullback and continue its uptrend. With support on 235, potential upside for META is 15% at 300.

Kimia Farma (KAEF)


2012Mar-Kimia Farma Tbk-800x600

Kimia Farma never fails me, hopefully this March also wouldn’t. Hold by strong support KAEF may pullback within next few day and continue its uptrend. What we need to do now is just look closely on KAEF movement until MACD build a golden cross pattern.

Support on 400, KAEF could give us 12% upside to 475.