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No need to shy about your name

As at this post is written, I have 1291 friends on Facebook. You may don’t believe it, but I actually manage to check for every friend I am going to add or confirm whether I know them or not. In a short, my social friend is not a virtual friend who I add just to make friend list surge.

Awkward thing, despite I already know person on my Facebook friend, and sometime manage to have direct face-to-face conversation with them on real-world, I can’t really recall true name of most of my friend. One reason, because most of friend are not use their original name on their Facebook, hence difficult to remember how they should be called properly, instead I call them using their Facebook name.

“Apalah arti sebuah nama ?” that is what Indonesia saying said. Meaning, why bother about a name, because eventually how people see you really depend on what you have been done. Some part of the message is true, but I don’t agree with name-don’t-care part. Name is given by our parent and our parent should have go trough lots of consideration before do that. Because our parent should have expectation and wishes when we were born. And the name will reflects those expectation and wishes.

Then if our parent already give us a good name with a very nice wishes on it, why we have to shy and hide it on our social ? Use your own name, and let the world know, make your parent proud because they know their first gift for their child is used properly.

Don’t facebook your problem


I’m not really sure when I get this picture flooded all over my facebook and twitter timeline, but it quite interesting subject to discuss.

Nowadays, where 1 person can be connected to all person in the world just through 6 other person, Facebook and Twitter become two most popular tool to perform such thing.When I logged in to facebook first time few years back and notice about “update status” text box, I was thinking on why would other person care about what had happen to me. But then I found it was very addictive to show our “me” to the world. 

Ok, so what is about the picture ?

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