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Hello world! another blog from Arief Darmawan

If you reading above title, you may ask to your self “another, is there any other ?”. yes, indeed. I also don’t know how many time I produce a web blog. Most of time, they were abandoned by me because of so many reason not to update hehehe. Hopefully this time story will be different.

Why ? there are some reason why I am sure this I will seriously update this blog.

  1. See domain name of this web, it is ariefdarmawan.com, what other better domain name I could get other than exactly my name and a dot com Smile This domain previously used by a Indonesia’s parliament member for his official website, maybe after he no longer become a member of the house, he didn’t think any benefit of maintenance a web
  2. I have so many thing to writing about
  3. …. I will update if I can find 3rd reason

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