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Reset SMC to Re-Pair Magic Mouse and Our Mac

I am on my way to enjoy season 5th of Pysch Series and do some coding for my work. I turn on my MBP and realise that my Magic Mouse is somehow does not pair properly with MBP BlueTooth. I have try many ways to resolve this issue but always end up with no luck. Then suddenly I get an idea to reset BIOS … ups … there is no BIOS alike UI on MacBookPro, how do I reset ? remove battery also seems to much effort.

Apple Forum Website give me some clue as below

WP 20130513 001


Need to check first:

1. Make sure all drivers has been updated, run Apple Software Update to get latest update

2. Make sure power is connected

Step to troubleshoot:

1. Shut down our Mac

2. Wait for about 10 second

3. Press Shift + Ctrl + Alt (Left Side) + Power at same time, hold for about 5 second, and release all button at same time

4. Boot up

5. Turn on BlueTooth and try to re-pair with our Magic Mouse Bluetooth

Ups … I forget to write down step 0 ….

0. Pray …

Good Luck


Open application on OS X Lion

After able to install new application into my lovely MacBook Pro, next question I need to figure out is how to open application. In Windows it should be easy, because all application will be stacked on “start” button. However OS X Lion is not Windows, there is no magical “Start” button on OS X Lion. So, after some click here and there finally found below ways to open application on OS X Lion.

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An introduction to Mac: install new application

Screen Shot 2012-10-13 at 11.09.51 PM

I have been a long time Windows user, and not sure if it would be because enthusiasm to explore new technology or just because it looked cool, I decided to buy a Mac Book Pro 13” 2012. Though many people and blog review says there should be easy to cross to other side, in reality learning curve still take sometime and need some bandwidth to be spent to query answer from our favorite “Google”. First query I have after unboxing my Mac is how to install a new application into this machine.

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