Theme, easy but confusing


After installing WordPress as platform of my blog, definitely the first task I need to research on and where is the best place to querying WordPress theme other than WordPress it self. Thanks to its admin page that spoil us so well. It give us option to search any theme base on our preference and with a single click, … list of theme will be shown to us for review.Unfortunately numbers of theme provided sometime overwhelming, where become so difficult for us to review on.

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Hello world! another blog from Arief Darmawan

If you reading above title, you may ask to your self “another, is there any other ?”. yes, indeed. I also don’t know how many time I produce a web blog. Most of time, they were abandoned by me because of so many reason not to update hehehe. Hopefully this time story will be different.

Why ? there are some reason why I am sure this I will seriously update this blog.

  1. See domain name of this web, it is, what other better domain name I could get other than exactly my name and a dot com Smile This domain previously used by a Indonesia’s parliament member for his official website, maybe after he no longer become a member of the house, he didn’t think any benefit of maintenance a web
  2. I have so many thing to writing about
  3. …. I will update if I can find 3rd reason

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