Stock Pick 25 July 2012: SMCB & KAEF

Wow, I have just realize, quite a while for me blogging about stock pick and think today would be good time to do it again. Because world market has been in bearish, mean to say it “ON SALE” time for us to hunt for good stock. My foresee for now are SMCB (Holcim Indonesia) and KAEF (Kimia Farma)

Do it with your own risk !!!!

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Avoid internet scam by knowing how to identify them

imageInternet as advance technology improves people life is irrefutable. However like a double sided sword, every benefit come with the risk, and internet has their own. Criminals are getting smarter, they map classic fraud to the web of internet and nurture a new type of con called as Internet Scam.

For internet seller, like me, Internet scam is something need to be classified as top rank of concern. It is not just put our cash flow into jeopardy but also consume out time and emotion as well. More and more people are post their bad experience about internet scam, and here I would like to post mine. It was not a bad experience, because lucky enough I could identify the scam before it actually cost me some money. And hopefully it could inspire other to knowing how to identify an Internet scam.

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Be a great leader with these 3As of leadership

Some people believe great leadership is a character quality some people born with. They are performance behaviour gifted by The God to these people. Well this maybe right but the fact is skill to performing this behaviours can be learned and developed by anybody.

Most people do not develop these skills and therefore do not perform leadership behaviour. Some others develop few skills and become good leader. Less others develop considerable skills and become great leaders. And great leader is the aim of this post.




So what is great leader?

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Journey to Melaka, The Land of Hang Tuah

DSC01585June is important month for my family, first it is my wife birthday and second per Indonesia Curriculum, June is end of education year, meaning my children get their final exam result and continue to next year. To celebrate these 2 important events, I bring my family to the land of Hang Tuah, one of legendary Malaysia hero, the land of Melaka.

Departed on Saturday, June 30th 2012 about 9am, we were blessed with warmth temperature and clear sky view without any meaningful traffic. Though only 140km away from Kuala Lumpur and drive about 80 minutes, still both of my daughters slept at car. Some habits from their mom inherit to them I believe hehehe.

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