How to browse Instagram photo using web browser

imageAre you an Instagram user ? do you ever expect this photo social network provide such feature to allow us browse photos hosted on their server using classical way … a web browser on a pc/laptop. If yes, after read this post, your waiting will over, because I will show you how to browse photo on Instagram using web browser.

Mandiri Sahabatku, mendorong TKI menjadi pengusaha

This post will be written in Bahasa Indonesia, due to it’s content has less relevancy with non-Indonesia citizen.

Mandiri Sahabatku, TKI bisa jadi pengusaha
Mandiri Sahabatku, TKI bisa jadi pengusaha

Minggu lalu saya mendapat undangan dari salah seorang rekan milis untuk menghadiri acara bertajuk “Mandiri Sahabatku – TKI jadi pengusaha”, acara ini berlangsung di gedung Lambda, Kuliyah Engineering, University Islam Antarbangsa Gombak – Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Program yang difungsikan sebagai satu bentuk program CSR Bank Mandiri ini bekerja sama dengan Universitas Ciputra Enterprenuer Center (UCEC) bertujuan untuk meningkatkan jiwa enterpreneurship pada para TKI yang ada di luar negeri. Berlangsung selama 6 minggu dari tanggal 10 Juni – 15 Juli 2012 dan dibagi ke dalam 3 tingkatan: dasar/basic, intermediate dan advance (total 16x pertemuan). Sayangnya, saya terlambat mengetahui program ini sehingga baru bisa hadir pada pertemuan ke-3, tapi Alhamdulillah ndak terlalu tersesat ilmu di tengah jalan karena pada masa awal seminar ternyata diberikan sedikit penghubung dengan materi-materi pada pertemuan sebelumnya.

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Why I choose TweetCaster as my favourite twitter client app

TweetcasterI have been a twitter user for sometime and experienced use many twitter client with many platforms. Normally it could only stand for few months, then I would get bored and looking for new experience. But different story I got with TweetCaster, it has been 1 year I used this twitter client on my Android, and all I can say is I am satisfied, I even consider to purchase TweetCaster paid version, just to support them, though only different I will get is only free-of-ads.

So, why I love this application so much ? Below are the answers

Buy baju batik Indonesia at Malaysia now become very easy

About few months back, my only casual batik I brought to Kuala Lumpur was ripped. I tried to find all over Kuala Lumpur for fine Indonesia’s batik but couldn’t find any. Inspired by the case, I then decided to setup an online store specialize for Indonesia Batik at Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia.

image is name I choose for my online store. There are 3 product groups I prioritize as top product, those are: baju batik tulis, baju kurung and batik bola. We start by offering about 12 variants of batik and gamis/kurung clothes.These products are considered as unique, fine quality and price-competitive.

Other benefit by buying baju batik online from our web are:

  • It is online, buy a product is as easy as click and click
  • Free delivery for West Malaysia
  • 100% margin will be donated for our first 100th sales

Yes, you are not misreading, we will donate first 100 sales’ 100% profit. So if you buy batik online from, is not just it will give you a nice and quality batik but also you have help others.

Experiencing Sungai Klah

Last week, we were invited to attend my friend ‘s wedding party taken place at Sungai Klah, Perak. Since we really had nothing to plan on that day and been informed there is leisure object near the place, We decided to attend and would spend overnight trip to Sungai Klah.

Sungai Klah situate about 100KM from Kuala Lumpur, it should be about 1 or 2 hours driving since most of the route will be highway, but over the weekend traffic really something that unpredictable. We spent about 3 hours to reach Sungkai Highway Exit.

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