It is always about passion and patient

DSC00374I try to recall my post on this website early Mar 2012 with title Stock Pick 4 Mar 2012, the post was taken after I took about 2 hours analysis of IHSG price movement, final result was to recommend my reader to buy META and KAEF and hold it for sometime to gain about 15% profit. What happen on next few days after I posted the article was price moved down rather than went up, though it was not reach support point I mentioned on the post. However, still this price decline worried some reader who take my recommendation. They then buzzed me for wrongly recommend them and some of them said they were  disappoint with my recommendation and took cut loss already. What could I say ? I just say sorry, though I believe I did need to do so.

Not so long after, end of Mar 2012, price bounced and extremely jumped higher than my forecast, again I received some emails on my inbox, but these one was different  than previous story, these emails were sent by some of my reader who took the recommendation and be patient enough to wait until either price down to support point or estimated profit would be hiked.

So, what is the catch?

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Seri Garuda Mas, a must visit nasi padang at Kuala Lumpur

Yesterday, not sure what the trigger was, suddenly I craved for Nasi Padang. So after finish my maghrib pray, I drove to Kampung Baru with family looking for Nasi Padang Seri Garuda Mas. The destination come to mind after recommended by our neighbour, Mbak Jamilah who visit the premise before.

Per Mbak Mila’s recommendation, resto situated at Jalan Raja Alang, Chow Kit, but when we reach the premise, none parking lot was available. Thus with disappointed feeling plus hungry stomach I continue drove to Kampung Baru and expect to saw good place for food. Well, seems God helped our path, suddenly when drove around Jalan Raja Abdullah we saw a light box and it said “Restoran Grand Seri Garuda Emas – Nasi Padang Cawangan Raja Alang”.

The branch is located exactly next to Toyota Jalan Raja Abdullah near to traffic light between Jalan Raja Abdullah and Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz. Like a group of hyena see a lamb, aggressively I turn left and park my car, well, different like it’s headquarter, the branch have extremely more parking space. When we enter Seri Garuda Mas, a nuance of Minang will be perceived immediately. We will see dining table and chair decorated with like when we go for Modern Minang Marriage, and if you lucky enough the television on the corner of restoran will play video of Minang music, if not, most of the time it will play a program from Astro’s Indopek channel.

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