Celebrate World Book Day by read a new book every month

DSC00523I just notice from my facebook timeline that today is World Book Day, and what is the meaning of this day for me. To be honest, nothing hehehe. But let me share a routine activity I have been doing related with the book since few years back. This activity called “a book a month”, yes, read one new book or more every month. Well, most of the time it take more than one month to complete a book, this also depend on how thick the book is and how interesting the content of the book hehehe

So, how I manage to read the book every month ?

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Manage our stress against traffic jam

DSC00436Driving in big city can be frustrated when jam is on our way.  Worry to be late reach our destination on time, angry with other driver behaviour or sometime unable to go to toilet and know the closest possible is about 1 hour ahead, those are some experiences we may get when dealing with jam.

If you feels the same as my above description and facing it almost everyday, hopefully my sharing on this post can help you to reduce  or luckily remove your stress during traffic jam. Continue reading Manage our stress against traffic jam

When your children not get along, YouTube will unite them


One advantage of technology is we can find almost anything on Internet, including video or music for children. Thanks to YouTube and internet community, when both of my daughters were not get along for small conflict, I simply call them together, swipe my fingers on YouTube application to find a video about Disney Princess or newest trailer of Angry Birds and within few seconds both of them already forget what are they conflict about.

Since I introduce YouTube to my children, they like addicting to it. Everyday, they will asked me to open a YouTube and find nice movie or video they interest on. As long as time is suitable, not on their study time and ensure they are well monitored during accessingYouTube, it could be an effective way to babysit our children.

Photograpy 101, here I come

Not really sure is it because to often sharing a photo trough social media or because fact my Casio Exilim EX-Z60 has been out dated since long time back, last week I decide to bought new camera. Many website review of SLR base camera then added into my browser history, little bit funny, because I have no knowledge at all about this kind of gadget, well me and family are more on a phone-camera user.

After some review, Sony NEX-5NK was shortlisted among others. Some of the reason why I choose to purchase Sony NEX-5NK are:

  • Definitely price consideration come first hehehe
  • Still have nuance of pocket-size camera, though its lens would not support that idea for sure
  • Much lighter than other Pro SLR base camera, since I often ask both of my daughter to take a shoot of me and my wife and for sure I don’t want them to crush my RM2600 Camera just because they can’t lift  it on their palm
  • Excellent picture quality, according to most of review, and easy to use for a photography newbie

I wouldn’t review about this NEX-5N, as I am not a professional reviewer. If you looking something like that, I recommend you to go to another pro site like DPReview or Engadget, hehehe. But so far after use it for a week, well actually only 2 days, hehehe, I feels comfortable and enjoy excitement take a shoot. Fortunately, my family member get the same experience. Sony NEX-5N is very easy to use and produce image as per our expectation. Though we playing a lot with auto feature of Sony NEX-5N but soon I will manage to learn more about digital photography technique.

Here are some of our shoots using Sony NEX-5N