Universitas Terbuka

ut_logoEffective on March 11, 2012 I have been registered as student of Universitas Terbuka Indonesia. I take major on Economy and minor on Management. The study most probably will be finished after 4 years or 144 SKS/Study Unit.

Universitas Terbuka bring distance learning concept as it’s core system. Distance Learning means the student and lecturer are conducting study process on different time and place. Learning media is bridging between student and lecturer. UT Indonesia provide many media to support it’s learning process, starting from convetional printed media like books, scroll, etc also interactive media that utilize nowadays internet. All of this are well prepared to give flexibility and convenience for student to enjoy their learning process.

Memperpanjang passport di KBRI Kuala Lumpur, murah dan mudah

pasporThis post is about my experience extending my Indonesian passport that would be expired soon at Indonesia’s Embassy of Kuala Lumpur. Hence, since it relevant more to Indonesia citizen, the post would be written in Bahasa Indonesia.

Passport saya akan habis masa berlakunya pada bulan November 2012, dan karena termasuk kelompok orang yang cukup sering keluar masuk antar bangsa ditambah nempelnya working permit Malaysia di passport tersebut maka mau ndak mau saya harus memperpanjang passport tersebut minimal 6 bulan sebelum masa berlakunya habis. Nah berikut adalah kisah “based on true story” saya dalam memperpanjang sang passport tersebut di Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia – Kuala Lumpur.

Stock Pick 4 March 2012–META, KAEF

February has gone, March is started. Beginning of this month I would like to recommend 2 stock codes hopefully could increase our bank balance.

Nusantara Infrastructure (META)


2012Mar-Nusantara Infrastructure Tbk.-800x600

With main business is to operate one of most peak Jakarta’s toll road, META for March shows sign to pullback and continue its uptrend. With support on 235, potential upside for META is 15% at 300.

Kimia Farma (KAEF)


2012Mar-Kimia Farma Tbk-800x600

Kimia Farma never fails me, hopefully this March also wouldn’t. Hold by strong support KAEF may pullback within next few day and continue its uptrend. What we need to do now is just look closely on KAEF movement until MACD build a golden cross pattern.

Support on 400, KAEF could give us 12% upside to 475.