Stock Pick IHSG 20-Feb-2012: MAPI will test all time high

2012Feb-Mitra Adiperkasa Tbk.-480x235

It has been a while since my last post about stock pick. This week I will put my money on Mitra Adi Perkasa (MAPI). The company who operates most of Indonesia department stores and specialty retaile.r bounce up from its strong support with significant amount of volume on last Friday trading and it was closed up 6.7%.

Position of Oscillator had leaving oversold territory, indicate a bullish signal may begin. Unfortunately MACD not yet show a golden cross, but I believe it would within this week.

Recommended support is 5200 and take profit on 5900, 6150 and the sky *LoL*

Do it with your own risk.

Is financial freedom really exist?

financial_freedom_next_exitNowadays, many people trying to catch for what so called as financial freedom. A concept where passive income we get periodically (could be from investment, business or other source) is bigger than expenditure we spend within same period. Financial freedom become more famous, especially after being favorite mambo jambo for industry like Multi Level Marketing, Internet Marketing, Insurance and Property Agency to boosts their business growth. Is financial freedom really exist?

Busy, no time for burn calorie? Read this

As an employee who spend most of time at office, I assume workout is a luxury. After office time will be too valuable for going to gym and weekend definitely already dedicated to my family. However, I manage to do some “exercises”  by changing some of my daily routine activity.

Leave your car

Instead of trap 2 hours on traffic jump and get stress about it. Try to leave the car at garage on day or two within our working day. Use public transportation or more extreme, walk. My apartment is about 5 kilometers from my office, so when I decide not to drive, I have to walk from my place to nearest station and then from end station to my office. Fresh air in the morning and the hectic of people walking from one place to other will help us a lot to enjoy our walk.

Give rhythm to our walk

Another trick I use is by increase my hearth beat when I walk by give more rhythm on my step. I always manage to walk faster and faster every 10 minutes, and reduce it whenever I almost reach my walk end.

Use stairs instead of elevator

This one also good practice, burn more calorie by using stairs.


Sometime we get stress because of our work. When I felt stress what I will do is find something and squeeze it hardly. Buy a squeezer with spring on it and squeeze it hard until our stress relief.