Do we need it or only just want it ?

This morning, after praying subuh, I asked my family to walk and find fresh air. We walked from our condo situated at Villa Puteri, Jalan Tun Ismail to Chow Kit area, it was about 1.5 km. During the walk, Asty and Arda played around with the color of brick planted on pedestrian. They defined which brick’s color should be stepped by each of them, Arda’s was red and Asty’s was yellow, each time they step on wrong brick then a funny dance should be performed by the one who had wrong step. It was a very simple and a cheap matter but really make both of my daughters happy and had so much fun.

About 3 months back, we went to Low Yat Plaza Kuala Lumpur, it is said as one of the best place in KL to but handphone and electronic gadget. We went there because we would like to buy a game gadget for Arda and Asty.. It ended up with RM600 was spent for PSP Go and Arda only play Angry Bird game on the device.

In life, we often purchase something, and unfortunately most the thing we bought are because we want them not because we need them.

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IHSG 5 December 2011


On my previous post I said about IHSG that will rebound up on 3575, well seems I missed the support line, but indeed it rebound Smile Going forward, I believe IHSG still in bullish mode, due to optimism on window dressing and excitement of US retail that should be increase due to thanksgiving, x-mas and new year.

First resistance will be tested by IHSG is 3850 and second is 4000, with strong support still on 3600. However, I am quote optimist IHSG will reach 4000 b/f year end 2011.

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