IHSG 28 November 2011


Monday morning, regional Asia open with green indicator amid speculation European policy makers are talking step to stem the debt crisis and US retail report on last Friday jump quite high. Dow Jones future, Euro and Yen are all strengthen, lead most of Asia market open with green signal on their chart. However, movement seems will be different for IHSG.

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Don’t facebook your problem


I’m not really sure when I get this picture flooded all over my facebook and twitter timeline, but it quite interesting subject to discuss.

Nowadays, where 1 person can be connected to all person in the world just through 6 other person, Facebook and Twitter become two most popular tool to perform such thing.When I logged in to facebook first time few years back and notice about “update status” text box, I was thinking on why would other person care about what had happen to me. But then I found it was very addictive to show our “me” to the world. 

Ok, so what is about the picture ?

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Understanding right issue in stock trading

I was enjoying my coffee and browsing for news about my stock portfolio this morning, and find one of it will do right issue. This “right issue” word is often heard on stock trading world, but for newbie like me, sometime we don’t even understand what is its definition and how it would impact on our portfolio performance. So I googling and found a very good note about right issue.

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For your chart pleasure, use ChartNexus


Charting is a essential task for anyone who claim himself as technical stock trader. It is an activity to draw a graph and some technical indicators based on stock price movement. Hence, a powerful tool is required to perform such technical analysis. In the market we can find tons of application promises us to help our charting need. Here, I would like to introduce one of them, ChartNexus.

Free to code

When I write this post, I should be in-progress of writing thousands of computer code for cash flow and aging summary program. Not really sure what happen to me, but I end up with surfing the net. Computer programming is always my hobby, I love how to think possible solution within a very complex logical code, but somehow after 13 years experience in software development industry, my passion in computer code more on freedom to code. I want to code what I want to code, I want to build a software where it could be used by everyone and they could make use of my product freely as well.
Sounds like to good to be true, yes indeed, considering I still need money and most of my revenue still from my paycheck, so seems I need to postponed the idea of free code lil bit for the future Smile

Read the books online using Google newest service, Google Books


The Titanic Technologies company, Google, seems want to convert everything that offline into cyberspace. Lately, they release a new service to allow internet users search for any books and read them online or offline through electronic device like iphone, android or smartphone.

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Have you try Gmail’s new look ?

imageAbout few weeks back I read a post from someone about new Gmail’s redesign. It said the look have similar theme like Facebook with all the rings and bells that Facebook has, hence I thought about integration of Gmail and Google+ would be the work did by Google. Last Friday, I logged in to Gmail on my laptop and witnesses new Gmail’s look definitely not a copy of Facebook.


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Kuala Lumpur is on rainy season now. Almost all day rain drops heavily. Bad news is, it always drop during most important time for a office worker like me, those are lunch time and time to going home.

There is old saying in bahasa Indonesia “sedia payung sebelum hujan” mean prepare umbrella before rain. Seems I need to memorize that because today I am stuck outside office with heavy rain on my way back.

Android OS code name

A friend send email on one of mailing list where I become member. He notice that Android OS code name is always a food name and it came in sequence. Let see: cookie, donut, eclair, froyo, ginger bread and lastly is ice cream sandwich.

It is like showing to ua how Google build their working environment. It seems full of fun and really enjoy.

So whata would be the next ? My best bet will be Jellybean. Also why they start with C for cookies ? Why not A for … Apple ? Ups …