Error when install .net vnext / mono on OSX using Brew

My Mac crashed few months back and unfortunately I don’t have backup. Thus I need to perform clean install OS as well as other application. Including my .net vnext. Since I have no urgent requirement about VNext, I always postponed schedule to install it. Until yesterday ….. 

I started yesterday morning with hot Milo and high enthusiasm to install this new generation of vnext into my Yosemite. Open the terminal and fire up command “brew install kvm” and ended up with below error

ECLTADA01:~ ariefdarmawan$ brew install kvm

==> Downloading

Already downloaded: /Library/Caches/Homebrew/mono-3.8.0.tar.bz2

==> Downloading


curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found

I thought it was caused by brew update error, then run brew update but it did not help at all … 

And again Google saved the day, after about 20 minutes intensively web walking from one forum to other … finally found below steps and vnext installed successfully on  my Yosemite

ECLTADA01:~ ariefdarmawan$ cd /usr/local/Library/Formula/

ECLTADA01:Formula ariefdarmawan$ git reset HEAD google-perftools.rb

ECLTADA01:Formula ariefdarmawan$ git checkout google-perftools.rb

ECLTADA01:Formula ariefdarmawan$ brew update


Screen Shot 2015 01 17 at 7 39 31 PM